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Understanding the Leftist Insurgency

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The violence in our streets today is not an accident or an organic honest reaction to racism or militant policing. It is part of a well-orchestrated plan of extremist violence in America. The goal of these groups is the eventual destruction of the United Sates in favor of a Communist "Utopia". They are delusional, destructive, and growing rapidly thanks to fawning support by the main stream media and Democrat party politicians.


To learn more about the overall threat facing you and our nation you can obtain a free 50 page document detailing the current situation and how we got here. It also has dozens of useful links. 

"Insurrection & Violence, a citizens guide"


To learn more and join a national group of citizens learning to prepare and defend their family, home and communities you can look into: American Contingency. Founded by Mike Glover, former US Army Green Beret, Delta Force Operator, and CIA Global Response Service leader.

American Contingency

Field Operations Group

Don't let the quiet little facebook page fool you. If helping from home on the intel side of things is more your speed. Then FOG may be the group for you. FOG is the largest all-volunteer civilian intel organization working solely to preserve individual freedom, uphold the US Constitution, and defend the Republic. FOG works behind the scenes with many of the groups on this list, and others. FOG provides: area studies, real-time situational awareness, open source intel tracking, investigations, and research. Founded by former: Military Intelligence, Special Operations Command, and CIA contractors. No experience required, FOG provides training and mentoring for qualified candidates.


FEC United

Faith Education & Commerce - working hard to promote traditional American values as an alternative to the draconian communist socialism proposed by the left. FEC has several thousand active members in Colorado and growing rapidly. Help make Colorado free again.

Stand in the Gap Initiative

Highly informative Podcast by local businessman and Veteran Navy Seal and CIA Global Response Service Leader Jimmy Graham. Learn about the "protector culture" and how to protect you, your family, and your community.

United ADF - American Defense Force

A no nonsense direct action group organized to confront violent militants in the streets of Colorado. These violent leftist insurgents only act when they have open and uncontested streets. They then use these events to cause destruction and recruit new members. UADF rallies to provide a large number of well-trained citizens to confront these groups and dampen their enthusiasm for trouble. UADF has already shut down several would-be riots up and down the Colorado front range. The group was formed by CIA Benghazi Veteran John "Tig" Tiegen a former Marine Special Operations Command and Recon Scout.



Today was a great reopening day for the business. Thank you for all the customers that came by to support us as we help our community find more sustainable ways to balance defeating the coronavirus and restarting our localn economy.

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